Happy Tuesday: Collection 56

Happy Tuesday: Collection 56

Another TunesDay is here.  It feels like I blinked and a whole week already passed.

My podcast launch was successful, though I’m constantly reminded my friends are always 1.35 hours late to anything I ever plan.  Next time I need to start things later than I anticipate!

Anyway, thanks to everyone who listened to & supported Seats At The Table so far.

Sessions will be posted bi-weekly, so nothing new will but up tomorrow, but next Wednesday, expect to hear an awesome new podcast!

For today’s TunesDay, I’m mentally preparing myself to see The 1975 with my dear pal, Zareen… granted the concert is still a couple of weeks away, but I always like being prepared.  So, I put together a mellow, soft rock/pop playlist with some of their songs to help me recharge while I drive around in my car.

Hope you have a lovely week, friends!

Happy TunesDay: Collection 42

Happy TunesDay: Collection 42

The past two days have been mighty glum.  Rain and thunder make me want to curl into a ball and sleep the day away–pretty much the opposite of what I need to be doing this week.

This TunesDay list is my attempt to get my mood back up in tip-top shape so I can be as productive as humanly possible.  It’s a mesh of upbeat, jovial beats, with deceptively melancholy notes mixed in.  What can I say…the gloom of the previous days is still mulling in my bloodstream.

What songs do you listen to in order to boost your productivity? I know some people who listen to instrumentals, but this girl needs lyrics.

Background by Sarah Faucette for Design Love Fest.
Happy TunesDay: Collection 39

Happy TunesDay: Collection 39

I’ve been in Washington DC for a couple days and am leaving today.

Being here in such a politically charged and passionate environment…it’s really a different kind of vibe. I went to Union Pub yesterday to watch the first of the political debates and it was PACKED. I mean, wall to wall, every seat taken, where are all the POC because there’s too many progressive white folk & hyper conservatives vying for breathing room in here, kind of packed.

But, it was really cool in a way, to be in the presence of young (ish) people who are passionate about politics and deeply invested, mostly because that’s their job, but also because it’s their interest.

All I know is that I’ll be back someday soon and hopefully will be just as passionate as I was last night, screaming at the TV screens.

PS: they played the first song from my playlist, FDT, in the pub…hilarity ensued.

PPS: there are expletives thrown here and there in the songs…so slightly NSFW unless you work in a liberal environment or are wearing earbuds.

Lots of love & political passion coming your way,

Background image from DesignLoveFest.
Happy TunesDay: Collection 37

Happy TunesDay: Collection 37

This week’s set is an ode to womxn-led bands & duos whose vocal prowess never fails to make me sing loudly along in my car…or weep emotionally next to a pile of warm laundry. The laundry thing doesn’t happen as often as you’d think though.

Growing up, I always wished I had a super silky, smooth singing voice. Unfortunately, it’s always sounded like scratchy, tone-deaf mush. But, that doesn’t stop me from trying to harmonize with these bad-ass ladies in my car and shower…and in the kitchen while I microwave rice.

Who were/are your favorite womxn vocalists? I’m always looking for recommendations to add to my collection, and let me know your thoughts on this week’s set!

with love & beautiful musical vibes,

Happy TunesDay: Collection 36

Happy TunesDay: Collection 36

For most, Labor Day weekend means an extra day off of our normal work week. But something about a jam-packed weekend also means a required wind-down session.

These tunes are some of my late-night go-to’s after long drives, intense heat, sore feet, and much needed rejuvenation.

Even though you’re (begrudgingly) back at your routine, let the recent memories of your fun-filled weekend fuel you until the next federally-mandated holiday…or until the US realizes that our work week is far. too. long.

Happy TunesDay: Collection 35

Happy TunesDay: Collection 35

This week’s set of tunes is an ode to my best pal and my old tradition: Cafe Night.

Essentially, we would lay in our living room at night, turn off all the lights, open our curtains, and let the dim glow of street lamps settle in.  Then, we’d play a soothing set of Norah Jones, Geographer, Little Dragon, and other hip n’ happenin’ artists.

This version is a little more indie/alternative/r&b than our original Cafe Night playlists, but like most great things, some changes come over time, but it’s still just as poppin’ as before!

Whether or not you have dim mood lighting, I hope y’all listen to this week’s set and feel an overwhelming sense of calm.  Everyone deserves a Cafe Night once in a while. So start up these tunes and let the music do the work. You can work out your problems another day.

Cute background image comes from SabrinaAdventures.
Happy TunesDay: Collection 34 – A Thank You in Racial Solidarity

Happy TunesDay: Collection 34 – A Thank You in Racial Solidarity

This is a different kind of TunesDay.  I am taking this time as a thank you–a sharing of weight and burden. It is an expression and acknowledgement of the unbearable struggle that my Black and brown family constantly endure.

I am unbelievably grateful to every single person, across racial plains, who has taught me about solidarity, Black struggle, and what that means in creating a better world.

You have shared your triumphs and your pitfalls. You told us about your losses and fears. And sometimes, often times, we do not believe them.

It makes me incredibly emotional to know that there are people who do not value our shared humanity, who hijack every opportunity for learning and turn it into defensive ignorance.

Still, you speak your truths as if your lives depend on it, because it does.

It was never and is never your job to keep teaching and keep educating those around you. But still, you do. And I have benefited from that every step of the way. I promise to do more teaching. To let you take a break and stop your wounds from reopening.

Your resounding resilience comforts me.  It tells me that despite oppression, hatred, and magnitudes of barriers, it is always possible to overcome.  It tells me that eastern Asian womxn like myself can also be strong and outspoken. You tell me that my voice also matters.  You confirm that racism and exoticism isn’t just in my head; that it impacts as all–some in worse ways than other. But we never play oppression olympics. We’re not at Rio. We never displace or remove or hide.  You always let us express our shared frustrations and our differences. In doing so, you uplift us all, without question or compromise.

There are no words to explain how thankful I am for the womxn of color, especially in the Black struggle, who teach me, guide me, and love me in spite of my missteps and high learning curve.

We rise because of you.

So this is just a thank you, plain and simple.  Because even though thank you’s don’t change the world, you still need to hear it.  You need to know that your work and your presence matters.  Thank you, a million times over.  I have learned to love myself because of you and in turn, I will do everything in my power to ensure you too feel love, safety, and acceptance in this society that constantly tears us down.

With a love that knows no bounds,

if we loved ourselves as much as we loved everyone else, maybe things would be better

if we loved ourselves as much as we loved everyone else, maybe things would be better

You are aching bones and stretching skin–
a combination of the rigid and flexible.
Your body is and was and continues to be
everything it needs to be.

And that is all you can ask of it.

Do not let your body know you are ever ashamed.
Do not be ashamed of how your body cares for your soul.

You are full
of life.
Your soul knows it.
Your body does too.
Sometimes our brains need catching up.
Be patient.

Because though you are bones, and skin, and brains,
you are also strength, and shelter, and resilience.

You are everything you always needed.
You just might not know it yet.

Read this until you do.

Tell yourself
until it stops becoming forced
and you know how loved your soul
and your brain
and your body is.

Happy TunesDay: Collection 33

Happy TunesDay: Collection 33

I have a problem keeping track of days. I can’t believe I almost let Tuesday pass me by without posting my TunesDay playlist.

Sorry y’all.  Your girl needs to put her TunesDay alerts back on her calendar.

My only excuse is that it is 93 degrees Fahrenheit outside and I am inside with a gnarly sore throat and stuffy nose…to the point where I think I have a headache because my nasal passages are preventing my body from gaining optimum oxygen levels.  It’s a real challenge.

But despite that, I can still put together a bumpin’ playlist!  Let’s just pretend I purposely held off on releasing this week’s playlist until 5:45PM so you could enjoy it on your sad, lengthy, frustrating-beyond-belief commute home.  Hopefully this helps turn your car/subway/bus/uber/walk into your own dance party.  You don’t need anyone’s permission except your own to let yo’ body do it’s thang.

Dance responsibly, friends.