Happy TunesDay: Collection 40

Happy TunesDay: Collection 40

It’s time to dance, y’all.

This week, make like Hillary and shimmy your way into some good vibes with this playlist of rockin’ poppin’ feel-good tunes.

You don’t have to actually shimmy, but try it out once in your car–I bet you won’t be able to stop. Just make sure you don’t move your steering wheel and veer directions.

Drive & dance safely, friends.

Cutiepants background dancing legs come from Design Love Fest.
Happy TunesDay: Collection 33

Happy TunesDay: Collection 33

I have a problem keeping track of days. I can’t believe I almost let Tuesday pass me by without posting my TunesDay playlist.

Sorry y’all.  Your girl needs to put her TunesDay alerts back on her calendar.

My only excuse is that it is 93 degrees Fahrenheit outside and I am inside with a gnarly sore throat and stuffy nose…to the point where I think I have a headache because my nasal passages are preventing my body from gaining optimum oxygen levels.  It’s a real challenge.

But despite that, I can still put together a bumpin’ playlist!  Let’s just pretend I purposely held off on releasing this week’s playlist until 5:45PM so you could enjoy it on your sad, lengthy, frustrating-beyond-belief commute home.  Hopefully this helps turn your car/subway/bus/uber/walk into your own dance party.  You don’t need anyone’s permission except your own to let yo’ body do it’s thang.

Dance responsibly, friends.