Happy TunesDay: Collection 35

Happy TunesDay: Collection 35

This week’s set of tunes is an ode to my best pal and my old tradition: Cafe Night.

Essentially, we would lay in our living room at night, turn off all the lights, open our curtains, and let the dim glow of street lamps settle in.  Then, we’d play a soothing set of Norah Jones, Geographer, Little Dragon, and other hip n’ happenin’ artists.

This version is a little more indie/alternative/r&b than our original Cafe Night playlists, but like most great things, some changes come over time, but it’s still just as poppin’ as before!

Whether or not you have dim mood lighting, I hope y’all listen to this week’s set and feel an overwhelming sense of calm.  Everyone deserves a Cafe Night once in a while. So start up these tunes and let the music do the work. You can work out your problems another day.

Cute background image comes from SabrinaAdventures.

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