if we loved ourselves as much as we loved everyone else, maybe things would be better

You are aching bones and stretching skin–
a combination of the rigid and flexible.
Your body is and was and continues to be
everything it needs to be.

And that is all you can ask of it.

Do not let your body know you are ever ashamed.
Do not be ashamed of how your body cares for your soul.

You are full
of life.
Your soul knows it.
Your body does too.
Sometimes our brains need catching up.
Be patient.

Because though you are bones, and skin, and brains,
you are also strength, and shelter, and resilience.

You are everything you always needed.
You just might not know it yet.

Read this until you do.

Tell yourself
until it stops becoming forced
and you know how loved your soul
and your brain
and your body is.