Happy Tunesday: Collection 65

Happy Tunesday: Collection 65

I told myself I would focus on getting my life together. But, of course, I’m sitting and listening to new music.

The first tunesday of 2018 is Raveena‘s newest EP. I first heard her stuff when I was living in Southern California. My best friend and I were obsessed with Johnny, it’s the Last Time. Since then, Raveena released Shanti, a soothing and sweet compilation of jazzy, R&B vibes.

I wouldn’t have known she had new music out if it wasn’t for my pal, Sharon, who shared a live recording of If Only with me.

Let me just say, I’ll be jamming out to all of Raveena’s old and new stuff for the next week as I try and get myself prepped for a new semester.

What are some songs you’re listening to as you start the new year? Share them with me below!


Happy TunesDay: Collection 50

Happy TunesDay: Collection 50

Happy TunesDay, friends.

I genuinely hope your Tuesday has gotten off on a more productive note than mine.

In typical Christina fashion, I’m attempting to do four tasks at once and being unsuccessful at finishing any one of them in a timely manner, including this very blog post.

I need to remember to take a breath and try to tackle things one at a time–much easier said than done for someone like me whose mind moves many miles a minute (that was a tongue twister, wasn’t it?).

How do you keep focus? I’m willing to try whatever tips y’all have!

In the meantime, I’ll be listening to this week’s playlist and trying to drown out all the extra noise in my head.

wishing you focus & clarity,

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Happy TunesDay: Jamila Woods, y’all.

Happy TunesDay: Jamila Woods, y’all.

Hi friends,

I skipped a week. I know. I know.  I’m beating myself up over it, but life happens.

I’m back though, and this week I didn’t compile a playlist. SHOCK GASP AWE HORROR.
I know. I know. 

But, I felt that for this week, I would just let an entire album speak for itself.  Tonight I’m seeing the wondrous and soulfully talented Jamila Woods. I AM SO EXCITED.

But beyond that, I am ready and albeit a little scared to enter into a world where her music will wash over me and really get me to dig deep & feel things.  Like, real emotions, feeling.  That’s what her album has done for me ever since I heard it a couple months ago.  And to get ready to see her live, I revisited it all this week.

Normally when I prep for a concert (my friends know I have to know all the songs and sing along during the show, or else I’ll feel weird), the goal is just to memorize the lyrics to most of the tracks.  Yet with this, it wasn’t really just a memorization of lyrics, but a living through of them.  I don’t know if that makes sense.  But all I know is that I almost had to pull over yesterday while driving and listening to Lonely Lonely. And if a song makes me teary-eyed and think about my life in a different way and reflect on the things I’ve seen and been through…that’s a damn good song, and even more, a damn good songwriter & singer.

So dear pups, I’m leaving you with the gift of her album this week.  You can also download it for free from the link. Trust me.  Do it. It sets your soul aflame.  Take a minute and be okay with being uncomfortable with your feelings and being *omgwhat* vulnerable.  It’s okay.  You’ll get through it.  Just don’t cry while driving–it ain’t safe.

with love & good feelings,

Happy TunesDay: Collection 22

Happy TunesDay: Collection 22

I skipped last week. I did, I’m sorry.

My excuse is good though!

I spent the past week in Boston reconnecting with some high school friends (thanks for letting my broke-ass stay in your apartment for free) and meeting some really incredible new pals at Hive.  It just reaffirmed in me the belief that good, reciprocal relationships with people are the most important things in life.  You can come from all walks of life, but when you find a real connection with someone, it’s a spark that ignites everything within.  I definitely felt a lot of warm & cuddly feelings this weekend, though I could have done without all the hugging.  And while relationships fade in and out, as they should naturally, you learn a great deal about yourself when you’re around other people.

I don’t know if I’ll maintain a lot of the connections I’ve made because life forces us to make cutbacks we don’t want to make, but the past week convinced me that I am capable of a lot more than I thought I was.  In specific social contexts, I’m usually terrified of “networking”, but it was surprisingly a lot easier than I anticipated once you strip people down from their professional titles, socioeconomic status, or whatever defining features you usually come up against when meeting new people.  I learned that first impressions, or second or third, are actually quite compelling.  To think that others who only knew me for brief moments in the totality of my life could find something worthwhile in me was uplifting in ways I didn’t expect.  So, in all, I’m grateful for the experience and will try my damnedest to keep this newfound, or maybe rejuvenated, sense of self & appreciation at the forefront of how I live my life.

Anyway, to get to the music, this week I mega-amped it up with some tunes that I’ve heard in grocery stores and at the mall, so you know it’s going to be pretty great. It’s an amalgamation of r&b, electronic, pop, and happiness all smushed into one great playlist, if I may say so myself.

This week, try to listen and let life take control.  It shouldn’t take a week-long trip to Boston to make you realize your worth and the value of actually connecting with real-life humans.  Listen, live, and listen more.  You’d be surprised at what you’ll hear.

With love and peace,


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Happy TunesDay: Collection 13

Happy TunesDay: Collection 13

A long weekend always gets me in some type of mood.  I’m anxious for the upcoming weekend, but know I shouldn’t be since I just had such a good break.

This past weekend was full of quality Galentines fun. For those of you living under a rock and/or have not ever been exposed to the wonder & awe that is Parks & Recreation, Galentine’s Day is celebrated the day before Valentine’s Day and is supposed to celebrate friendship with your best and closest gal-pals.  Seeing as I don’t have a typical romantic Valentine, I spent the long weekend amongst my close friends.  I gave myself some proper self-care and rejuvenated myself in the presence of those I love.  We ate good food, drank coffee, shopped, strolled the beach, and fell asleep lulled by the simple company of truly wonderful people.  I am, for lack of a better term, lucky.  I don’t know how else to explain the reasons for why I am surrounded by magnificent and good people–like truly good and brilliant people. (s/o to my roommate and old roommates and their friends and sig. o’s.)

Despite the hardships that come and pick at me, weekends like this past one remind me to be grateful and to take advantage of the time we have together with our friends.  They are, after all, the family we get to choose.

This TunesDay, I put together some feel-good tunes that hopefully get you through this minimized work week so you can spend the upcoming weekend fully present with those you love.  I know Valentine’s/Galentine’s Day is over, but that doesn’t mean the lovin’ has to stop!

How will you keep the love going this weekend and beyond?



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Happy Tunesday: Collection 8

Happy Tunesday: Collection 8

Back to work and back to reality…What that means for me is more dedicated studying for the GREs and for my research fellowship.

In the new year, I’m trying to be more consistent and thoughtful in my short and long-term goals.  I would say I am a dreamer, and while my passions are far-reaching, I have a tendency to jot down notes for future ideas and never follow through.  Hopefully I’ll be able to change some of those habits into being more fruitful.  This year I am doing my best to put my health and well-being first, including surrounding myself with friends and family that challenge me & push me to be better.  I’ve had a good run in 2015 with new friends and chances to reconnect with old.  But in 2016, I’m hoping to solidify those opportunities and really express how grateful I am to have those people in my life.

In that spirit, a lot of this week’s tunes go out to my good friends Lia & Alyssa who introduced me to more of Troye Sivan’s music.  Good, good stuff.  A talented musician and so young.  It’s people like him that make me question my entire life.  He’s 20 and is already so accomplished.

I guess in 2016, I should also try and stop making so many comparisons of myself to other talented people.  I…will start doing that next week.  I can only focus on so many things at once!

What are some of your goals for the new year and are there any songs that you are already digging in January?

with gratitude & affection,