Happy TunesDay: Collection 50

Happy TunesDay: Collection 50

Happy TunesDay, friends.

I genuinely hope your Tuesday has gotten off on a more productive note than mine.

In typical Christina fashion, I’m attempting to do four tasks at once and being unsuccessful at finishing any one of them in a timely manner, including this very blog post.

I need to remember to take a breath and try to tackle things one at a time–much easier said than done for someone like me whose mind moves many miles a minute (that was a tongue twister, wasn’t it?).

How do you keep focus? I’m willing to try whatever tips y’all have!

In the meantime, I’ll be listening to this week’s playlist and trying to drown out all the extra noise in my head.

wishing you focus & clarity,

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Happy TunesDay: Collection 14

Happy TunesDay: Collection 14

February is soon drawing to a close.  Already.

The constant rate at which time progresses never ceases to amaze, and horrify, me.  I always have to remind myself to take advantage of the days ahead and not sleep my mornings away.  But, dreaming is such an appealing alternative to living the life we want, especially when that life is seemingly confusing and full of decisions to be made.

Hopefully this set of tunes will jolt us all out of the sedentary lifestyles, both physically and mentally, and remind ourselves to seize every opportunity possible.

Several Tuesdays of 2016 have already come and gone, and there are so many more wonderful Tuesdays ahead–we just have to remember to not be weighed down by the everyday.

Tell me how you keep motivated and focused during seemingly stressful & overwhelming times.  Does music help?  Does having company & friendships help?

Keep on moving and grooving until next Tuesday, friends.



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Happy TunesDay: Collection 4

Happy TunesDay: Collection 4

Tuesday is such a whatever kind of day.  It’s not the beginning, not the middle, not the end.  It’s just sort of…there.

Make the most of your whatever days by listening to good tunes.

Tell me what kind of music you want for your whatever days!

*credits to DesignLoveFest & Lindsay Gardner for the lovely background of my TunesDay image*