i imagine worlds
within worlds
where girls are whole;

where wood chips are the only things
that graze our knees
that scratch our skin
that break us open–
require us to become

where dizziness comes from spinning
in silly circles
eyes closed
mouths turned up,

no hurt
no bottles
no smoke;
nothing we want to forget

i imagine a girl
in a world
who dreamed of love
and trust
and never questioned if she could be
whole again;

who never became disappointed
by how
it all is.

the love i know

the love i know

They say to write about what we know.

I know love.
I own love.
I give love.
So, “write about love,” I think.

The love I know is raw.

Unfiltered by rationale,
held together by imperfect people
who are okay with being imperfect

The love I know is platonic.

A word that doesn’t do this love any sort of
because it always holds me together,
lifts me up,
is the love I take most for granted.

The love I know is familial.

The longest relationship I’ve ever known,
transcending bodies and time and borders.

The love I know is strength.

It echoes,
bounces off walls I try to contain them in.

The love I know is changing.

Quiet on some days
and loud on others;
whispers in gratitude and shouts out its joy.

The love I know is a love I haven’t found yet–
is waiting in a bookstore or a coffeeshop
or a computer screen.
is patient, because it’s what I lack.
is used to being put on hold,
because it knows I have a lot of love

The love I know is our friendship,
one-worded hello’s,
and home–
is living a life I never planned for;
is life itself;
is me figuring it out
over and over again.

Happy TunesDay: Collection 13

Happy TunesDay: Collection 13

A long weekend always gets me in some type of mood.  I’m anxious for the upcoming weekend, but know I shouldn’t be since I just had such a good break.

This past weekend was full of quality Galentines fun. For those of you living under a rock and/or have not ever been exposed to the wonder & awe that is Parks & Recreation, Galentine’s Day is celebrated the day before Valentine’s Day and is supposed to celebrate friendship with your best and closest gal-pals.  Seeing as I don’t have a typical romantic Valentine, I spent the long weekend amongst my close friends.  I gave myself some proper self-care and rejuvenated myself in the presence of those I love.  We ate good food, drank coffee, shopped, strolled the beach, and fell asleep lulled by the simple company of truly wonderful people.  I am, for lack of a better term, lucky.  I don’t know how else to explain the reasons for why I am surrounded by magnificent and good people–like truly good and brilliant people. (s/o to my roommate and old roommates and their friends and sig. o’s.)

Despite the hardships that come and pick at me, weekends like this past one remind me to be grateful and to take advantage of the time we have together with our friends.  They are, after all, the family we get to choose.

This TunesDay, I put together some feel-good tunes that hopefully get you through this minimized work week so you can spend the upcoming weekend fully present with those you love.  I know Valentine’s/Galentine’s Day is over, but that doesn’t mean the lovin’ has to stop!

How will you keep the love going this weekend and beyond?



Big thanks to the lovely Piper Winston for the simply wondrous background image.