Happy TunesDay: Collection 54

Happy TunesDay: Collection 54

Good morning (or evening or afternoon, depending on where in this wide world you are)!

I keep discovering and revisiting such good tunes.  Let me just say, I am so late to the Anderson .Paak party…like really, really, “Chinese people are always late”, kind of late.  I sort of wanted to make this week’s TunesDay all of Malibu, but I mixed it up with some other great tracks.

ALSO, in other exciting music news, I’m seeing Noname in concert this week, and I am so stoked.  I just saw her set for NPR’s Tiny Desk, and it was so great.  I’m always in awe of artists who sound essentially the same live as they do on their albums.  I feel like I barely sound the same talking on the phone as I do in person, so how they maintain vocal integrity is astounding to me.

What artists are you excited about seeing live?  How do you prepare for concerts?  I myself listen to an artist’s album on repeat for the entire week leading up to a concert.  I just need to know that I am prepared and ready to sing along at a moment’s notice.

Sending you all good music vibes this week.

Happy TunesDay: Collection 53

Happy TunesDay: Collection 53

Friends, life has been a real whirlwind as of late. I don’t know if it’s because spring time has sprung, or because I recently got back from Greece, but I’ve been feeling refreshed and rejuvenated in tackling all the projects I’ve signed up for.

Hopefully that feeling doesn’t subside.

This week, I quickly put together a soulful r&b mood music playlist.  When my mind is racing, music has the magical ability to keep me calm and focused.  Hopefully it does the same for you all.

What kind of music makes you relaxed? Let me know in the comments below!

Sending you love & light,

Happy TunesDay: Collection 52

Happy TunesDay: Collection 52


Before you get all dramatic and say, “Christina, what happened to TunesDay? You left me hanging for two whole weeks!” Let me explain.

I HAD IT ALL PLANNED OUT.  I set up a whole month of TunesDay Takeovers. But, unfortunately it didn’t pan out.

This is what happens when I give people very loose guidelines and don’t follow-up with them.

So, from the bottom of my heart, I profusely apologize to the approximately 8 people who listen to my playlists on a regular basis.

I’m back in the US of A, so you can count on me to crank out some hip n’ happenin’ playlists. For those interested, I’ll probably write a good, old reflection about my time abroad in Greece, but until then, let your petite lil’ ears feast on this week’s playlist.

*segue to playlist*

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Happy TunesDay: Collection 51

Happy TunesDay: Collection 51

You know when you try to get your life together, but something is always in the way and it’s not really within your power to change whatever that thing is?

That’s how I feel about this week’s TunesDay.

Soundcloud was down for an entire morning.  I had my playlist all sorted out in my head, but the Soundcloud server was getting all wonky and stalled my plans for the day.

So, by the time you hear this week’s playlist, the day will be mostly over, but that’s okay.

It’s okay.

I’m telling myself it’s okay, so it will be.

Aside from the hiccup this morning, my life feels like it’s moving so quickly…I mean, it’s the end of February already! Pretty soon I’ll be off to a Ph.D. program and moving away from California.

It’s so scary for me to think about, but I think I’m ready–or hoping I’ll be ready by the time August rolls around.

In the meantime, I’m just trying to take advantage of each day and absorb the beautiful & amazing community of people I have around me in California until I embark on my next adventure.

In that spirit, this week’s playlist is comprised of some really cool and groovy local artists from LA, San Diego, and the OC.  A huge thank you to my pal, Jessica, who introduced me to Gavin Turek.  I’m way into her stuff and I highly recommend checking out the rest of her music on Spotify or Soundcloud.

…I really hope that wherever I land next has an innovative music scene…

Hope that this playlist helps you send off February 2017 in the best way possible.

Sending you love & light,

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Happy TunesDay: Collection 50

Happy TunesDay: Collection 50

Happy TunesDay, friends.

I genuinely hope your Tuesday has gotten off on a more productive note than mine.

In typical Christina fashion, I’m attempting to do four tasks at once and being unsuccessful at finishing any one of them in a timely manner, including this very blog post.

I need to remember to take a breath and try to tackle things one at a time–much easier said than done for someone like me whose mind moves many miles a minute (that was a tongue twister, wasn’t it?).

How do you keep focus? I’m willing to try whatever tips y’all have!

In the meantime, I’ll be listening to this week’s playlist and trying to drown out all the extra noise in my head.

wishing you focus & clarity,

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TunesDay Takeover // Stan Marlow

TunesDay Takeover // Stan Marlow

HEY. It’s February. The shortest month of the year.

Isn’t that cuhray-z?  (sidenote, wouldn’t that be such a COOL rap name?)

Anyway, I hadn’t done a TunesDay Takeover in a little while (since November), so I thought I’d take a backseat and let a cool person take the wheel for this week.  Also, I am lay-z (and also overwhelmed with some other assignments right now) and curating a kick-butt playlist is HARD WORK.

So, I called upon my friend who gave me a song recommendation last week to skip the recommendation and just whip up a whole playlist–he did it in approximately ten minutes flat.  I mean, wow, just putting me to shame here.

His playlist is fitting for this drearily wet weather.  It’s a hodgepodge of mellow, slightly brooding rock, but then BAM he threw in a Spanish song, AND THEN I’m transported back to my freshman year in college when I was all about Emarosa and some moody, post-hardcore stuff.  Really, his playlist is like how Emeril cooks and just throws in seasoning, it works.  By the by, what ever happened to Emeril? Does he still have a cooking show on Food Network?  Time to wikipedia the bajeezus out of him.

Hope you all have a more productive TunesDay than I.

Click here for the playlist! Soundcloud is having some technical difficulties and the embed code isn’t available!

Happy TunesDay: Collection 48

Happy TunesDay: Collection 48

I have a tendency to skip weeks now. Maybe I should make TunesDays an over other week kind of deal this year.

Anyway, hey. Look.  Last week and this week have been nuts.  And I’m not just talking about my personal schedule, but it feels like the world is collapsing in on itself and we’re so frantically trying to hold it together.

I’m trying to find my place in it all.  How should my activism take hold?  What does activism for me even look like?  And I’ve been reading some really great pieces about tangible action items we can all do, but sometimes it just feels hopeless.

The most rational and optimistic part of me says we can persevere–we have for decades, and we’ll continue fighting for equity, in whatever shape or form that might take.  I think for the sake of my own sanity, I have to believe we will survive this.

But, a small, but large enough, part of me thinks, this is it. This is how we end, like the epilogue of a dystopian novel that someone will end up making into a Hollywood blockbuster.

As much as I’d like to believe in progress and the arc of the moral universe bending towards justice, our country has always done its best to hold POC back, and this is just some next-level shit.  I’m hoping that the next couple weeks of digging deep and being actively engaged will help me sort out my own feelings.

Anyway, this week’s playlist is a mix of things.  Listening to these songs have been keeping me afloat in the midst of hearing about friends & family who are terrified and lost.  This fight isn’t over and it’s going to take a lot more than an immigration ban to hold us down. #BanBannon, not Muslims.

Happy TunesDay: Collection 47

Happy TunesDay: Collection 47

This week’s set is a medley of folksy, pop, mixed-up goodness.

I forgot how calming folk and acoustic music can be.  It has been a little while since I actually listened to this kind of music, but it’s been nice to revisit a genre of music that I sort of neglected in the past year.

I find it so interesting to see what types of music we like over the course of our lives.  It’s pretty much a representation of what’s going on in our lives and reflects our outlook.  I’m going to do my best to revisit all the music I’ve loved over the last several years.

Sending you relaxing and introspective vibes,

Happy TunesDay: Collection 46

Happy TunesDay: Collection 46

Happy TunesDay!

This week’s set is a melding of happy, upbeat, synthpoppy goodness.  Some are new tunes I’ve just stumbled upon and some have been sitting in my “likes” portion of Soundcloud, waiting for their time to shine.  I thought I’d dust some of them off and put them into a little list for your lovely ears!

What are some songs you keep coming back to even if you first heard them years ago?

TunesDay: New Year, New Tunes

TunesDay: New Year, New Tunes

You thought I was done, didn’t you?

FEAR NOT.  Because a new year means more new music for your petite lil’ ears.  Or not petite.  I really don’t know how big your ears are or if that dictates whether you hear music more clearly.

I was trying to figure out a theme for the first TunesDay of 2017.  Did I want to go the mellow acoustic route?  Would I rather hear hip R&B beats on a gloomy Tuesday morning?  And then I thought, “well, hey, this is my playlist, I’ll add whatever I please!”  So that’s pretty much what I’m doing.  If you’re not into it…well, there’s always next week.

I hope in 2017, you listen more clearly and give new voices (and new music) a chance.  2016 had some pretty great albums, but I am looking forward to seeing what music fills our hearts and minds in the upcoming year.

What artists are you looking forward to hearing more of?