TunesDay Takeover // Stan Marlow

TunesDay Takeover // Stan Marlow

HEY. It’s February. The shortest month of the year.

Isn’t that cuhray-z?  (sidenote, wouldn’t that be such a COOL rap name?)

Anyway, I hadn’t done a TunesDay Takeover in a little while (since November), so I thought I’d take a backseat and let a cool person take the wheel for this week.  Also, I am lay-z (and also overwhelmed with some other assignments right now) and curating a kick-butt playlist is HARD WORK.

So, I called upon my friend who gave me a song recommendation last week to skip the recommendation and just whip up a whole playlist–he did it in approximately ten minutes flat.  I mean, wow, just putting me to shame here.

His playlist is fitting for this drearily wet weather.  It’s a hodgepodge of mellow, slightly brooding rock, but then BAM he threw in a Spanish song, AND THEN I’m transported back to my freshman year in college when I was all about Emarosa and some moody, post-hardcore stuff.  Really, his playlist is like how Emeril cooks and just throws in seasoning, it works.  By the by, what ever happened to Emeril? Does he still have a cooking show on Food Network?  Time to wikipedia the bajeezus out of him.

Hope you all have a more productive TunesDay than I.

Click here for the playlist! Soundcloud is having some technical difficulties and the embed code isn’t available!

TunesDay Takeover // Taylor Mar

TunesDay Takeover // Taylor Mar

This month’s TunesDay Takeover is a little different than my typical TunesDay playlists as of late, but maybe it’s time to switch things up a bit.  That’s the joy of having someone else curate a playlist for you, right?

November’s Takeover is headed by none other than my good pal, Taylor (Papi) Mar!  (sidenote, I’ve been known to give my friends random nicknames that they never grow out of).  I met him when I was in the dorms my freshman year of college, and we’ve been friends ever since, bonded by both our taste in music and in weird friends.

I’m digging track 3 by Mura Masa and track 4 by Kream in particular.  There’s some melodious vibes going on down here, so hop aboard and mellow out with me. The world knows we all need it…Do you have a favorite track?  Let me know.

With love and strength,