Happy TunesDay: Collection 54

Happy TunesDay: Collection 54

Good morning (or evening or afternoon, depending on where in this wide world you are)!

I keep discovering and revisiting such good tunes.  Let me just say, I am so late to the Anderson .Paak party…like really, really, “Chinese people are always late”, kind of late.  I sort of wanted to make this week’s TunesDay all of Malibu, but I mixed it up with some other great tracks.

ALSO, in other exciting music news, I’m seeing Noname in concert this week, and I am so stoked.  I just saw her set for NPR’s Tiny Desk, and it was so great.  I’m always in awe of artists who sound essentially the same live as they do on their albums.  I feel like I barely sound the same talking on the phone as I do in person, so how they maintain vocal integrity is astounding to me.

What artists are you excited about seeing live?  How do you prepare for concerts?  I myself listen to an artist’s album on repeat for the entire week leading up to a concert.  I just need to know that I am prepared and ready to sing along at a moment’s notice.

Sending you all good music vibes this week.

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