Happy TunesDay: Collection 60

Okay, I decided.  I’m posting TunesDay playlists every other Tuesday.  I just can’t keep up with the weekly deal.  Sorry to disappoint the 3.67 people who listen to my playlists regularly!

Anyway, this week is a little hectic (as per usual).  Does anyone else turn into a sluggish, sloth-like creature when a ton of deadlines and tasks are piling up?  It’s like the more I have to do, the stronger my urge to curl into my bed and eat chocolate whilst binge-watching Freeform TV shows (aka Young & Hungry) on Netflix becomes.  Also, can we talk about how ABC Family rebranded themselves into Freeform.  I mean, what is that?  Is that supposed to make them seem young & hip with all the teens?

I have a little over a month until I embark on life’s next great adventure– 7 years studying social injustices and writing papers in Pittsburgh!  Okay, well I’m actually really excited about it, but I’m also terrified of leaving the comforts of my home.  And by “home”, I’m not just referencing the house I’ve lived in my whole life in NorCal or my apartment in SoCal.  “Home” means the friends, family, memories, laughter, tears, everything that has made me into a semi-normal, self-sustaining human person.  And all those things are in California.  How do people make new homes and still feel a constant sense of self?  It’s been 24 years and I feel like I just got a hang of things here.  And it’s really scary to think that in a small amount of time, people and places can change dramatically.  In seven years, we might as well just be completely new people.  California might be an entirely different place…country even. HAH. Jokes, but really, these next 3 years are going to be B-A-N-A-N-A-S.

So, I’m excited and terrified.  Terrifyingly excited?  Excitedly terrified?  A combination of the two.

How do you cope with moving and finding new homes?  Let me know, because I don’t have time to read a gazillion thinkpieces and self-help books.  I need the basics told to me in person.

With love as always,

Happy TunesDay: Collection 17

I always forget how much I appreciate the notion of home.  Coming back to my hometown is usually a much-needed break from the monotony of everyday life.  Being home reminds me that I am not always the independent, sometimes haughty adult that I feel like I need to be.  It places me in the context of other people who knew me before I was who I am now and loved me even when I was a tiny mass of skin and blood and bone.

It is reassuring. Coming home, wherever that home may be for you, is clarifying and brings joy you may have forgotten you needed.

But, it also reminds me that I have grown- physically, mentally, and spiritually in some ways.  Sometimes that growth aligns you with your home, but sometimes it also distances you further.  It is a natural occurrence and though it’s sometimes surprising or overwhelming, everyone is an amalgamation of their past, present, and future–the people and places that comprise every aspect of each moment, and to me that’s a lovely thing.

I hope you all had a rejuvenating weekend, wherever you may have been.

Love and laughter to you and yours,

Background image from Design Love Fest made by Juliet Meeks.