Happy TunesDay: Collection 19

Happy TunesDay: Collection 19

Once again, the close of a month!  I don’t know why I’m always surprised when these final days roll around–it happens literally every several weeks.

A short post this week, as I’m trying to catch up to the day.  Waking up late is great in theory, but in retrospect, I’m thinking of how much I time I wasted.  Let’s just blame the cute kitten who slept in my bed in the morning.  Yeah, we’ll blame her.

Have I mentioned that we’re fostering a kitten? SHE’S ADORABLE.  People say cats are weird, and they weren’t exaggerating.  Boxes, plastic bags, mirrors…everything is a toy for her.  OH, TO BE YOUNG AND EASILY ENTERTAINED.

This week’s tunes are an amalgamation of hipster-esque indie rock.  Sending productivity and youthful exuberance your way.

Cute cactus background made by Isabel Davis and found on Design Sponge.

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