Happy TunesDay: Collection 18

Happy TunesDay: Collection 18

Spring has officially sprung!

This week, I’m trying to keep busy as can be with research, scheduling interviews, and catching up on some reading.

With a new season, I’m feeling more focused and refreshed.  But maybe it’s also because I bought new natural face products from Lush. (Can I just say how much I love that store?  If they ever want to give me free things, I’m totally fine with that).

To keep my motivation going, this week’s playlist is packed with electro-pop fun.  I’m especially fond of track 3, Madeon ft. Passion Pit.  I forgot how much I enjoyed Passion Pit.

What kind of music keeps you motivated?  Sound off & let me know!

A big ol’ spring thank you to Brit + Co for the pretty floral background.

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