Happy TunesDay: Collection 9

Happy TunesDay: Collection 9

It’s 2016.  It’s 2016.  It’s 2016.

I have to remind myself over and over when I write the date, or else it becomes some weird 5 with a messy loop at the end.  Y’all know what I’m talkin’ about.

This week has been particularly difficult for me to focus already (I know, it’s only Tuesday, for the love of all that is good.)  I’m sick and just want to sprawl in my teensy twin bed all day.  But, this week’s tunes will hopefully help me gather what energy I have and refocus on my tasks for the week: studying for the math section of the GREs, reading some books on poverty & violence for my research, and finally doing some errands (grocery shopping, cleaning my room, and sorting out my medical benefits situation).

I hope your week is as or more productive than mine!

Sending lots of love and good listens your way,


*Cute watercolor graphic for my featured image comes from Angie Makes.  Send her some love!*

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