i am a girl.

i am a girl.

for the womxn who were once girls.

sometimes womxn spend so much time trying to empower the current generation of girls that we forget we still are those girls in many ways.

do not be ashamed of our girlhood. I believe remembering it is one of our greatest strengths.

i am a girl
who was raised under
cherry blossoms,
on swing sets
in the corners of
the playground.

i am a girl
who has a family
full of
and men,
and was never told
“because you are a girl”
as a reason
for anything.

i am a girl
that laid in parking lots
in protest
when they said
i was
too small
to dance.

i am a girl
that tiptoed her way
into hallways
and classrooms,
but still
had loud
and an even louder

i am a girl
that was feminist
before the words “feminism” left my
who kicked boys
who wouldn’t kick back,
before i understood that
bullying goes
both ways.

i am a girl
who watched whole worlds
and be rebuilt
from incense and
calligraphy brushes
and tears.

i am a girl
who left sunny hills
and warm embraces
for clouds and grey and
an expensive piece of

i am a girl
who is also a womxn;
who knows no better
than she did on swing sets,
in parking lots,
in hallways and classrooms.

whose world was not built
on her own,
but lives and breathes
like it was.

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