Happy TunesDay: Collection 16 – Int’l Womxn’s Day

Happy TunesDay: Collection 16 – Int’l Womxn’s Day

Happy Tunesday and Happy International Womxn’s Day to you all.

I’ve always had issues with days dedicated to specific things we celebrate–shouldn’t we celebrate the achievements of womxn and other minority groups everyday, and not just on a specific day or month?

But, as I’ve grown a little and seen different perspectives, I know how necessary it is to have a day that we consciously recognize our contributions to society–where we take up space and have our presence known in physical and non-physical (like the Twittersphere) places.  It is crucial that we as womxn acknowledge our own strength, abilities, and intelligence.  Having a day where the whole of society is forced to reckon with that reality is a small, but important step.  I hope that it doesn’t stop there, though.  Because on every day of every month of every year, I know womxn who struggle, persevere, and refuse to give up in the face of adversity.  We deserve human dignity and respect on every day of our lives, not just in rare moments of societally-pressured clarity.

With that said, I hope this week’s playlist puts you in a good, loving mood.  We all need a healthy dose of love, whether you identify as a womxn or not.

And to all my sisters in the world, know that you are important.  Know that you are stronger than your weakest thought.  Know that whatever has happened to you in the past, however many hurts you’ve faced, you aren’t alone.  We are all survivors, not victims.  I refuse to be perceived that way, regardless of how many backhanded, slut-shaming comments we get.  I won’t give up on creating equitable spaces for us to finally, truly feel safe, and I hope you won’t either.

With all the love a small womxn can give,

xoxo Christina

background image from The Lovely Drawer.

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