Happy TunesDay: Collection 11

Happy TunesDay: Collection 11

It’s February, it’s February!

I apologize for not sending out a TunesDay collection last week.  Things got hectic (read: I got a little lazy and didn’t want to push out a TunesDay collection too late in the day).

But, a new month means new tunes and hopefully I won’t fall behind at all.

Last week was Peace & Justice Week at UCI, so I was busy with that.  But to keep the social justice goodness going, this week’s music is inspired by some amazingly talented and soulful artists that remind me to push on and persevere through the world’s craziness.

What are some songs that keep you motivated and down for the cause?  Let me know in the comments below!

*Beautiful banner background by Kristine Claghorn via Design Love Fest*

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