Happy TunesDay: Collection 41

Happy TunesDay: Collection 41

Y’all. Get this.


On this day, twenty-bajillion years ago, my dear and sweet and lovely mother pushed a human person out of her own person. And my dad watched in shock/awe/horror. Birth is still wild to me, but that’s another post for another time.

My brother and I have a pretty solid relationship. No matter how old I or he gets, we always regress into our silly selves. I am so grateful that I have a family, and specifically, a brother who gives me the time and space to be a kid. You dah bombdiggity, Miffs (I know you don’t read this, but just in case you do…)

In such a spirit, this playlist celebrates life in all of its intricacies. We both grew up with our dad playing soul music and some jazzy beats, but I wanted to blend it with some updated hip vibes…because you know, it’s 2016.

Thankfully I have some cool Hive pals, Sam and Earl, who provided me with outstanding song recommendations to keep my playlist fresh. Y’all are top.

Whether it is your birthday today or not, hopefully your Tuesday is a groovy one.

Beautiful background image by Design Love Fest.

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