Happy TunesDay: Collection 7

Happy TunesDay: Collection 7

Hello friends!

December is coming to a close and the new year is about to begin.  Every time a year ends, I get a slight tinge of sadness.  Most people think about the new possibilities and all sorts of opportunities that the new year can offer.  But, I usually sit in quiet contemplation and reflect on the things I’ve done over the past 364 days, mulling over the missed opportunities and things I could have improved on.  Sometimes it’s productive, and sometimes not.

This week’s TunesDay is full of slower jams that might induce some sort of sadness, but only for the purpose of getting into a more calm and self-reflective mood!  Warning: do not listen if you are trying to overcome loss and/or heartbreak.

Lots of love and warmth for your new year and beyond,



*big up’s to Dani Schafer + Design Love Fest for the background image*

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