A List of Helpful Links and Guides for Sustainable and Ethical Fashion

A List of Helpful Links and Guides for Sustainable and Ethical Fashion

It has become increasingly difficult for me to avoid the lures of constant corporate consumerism.  As a fashion-lover and avid online “window” shopper, I need to find ways to be more knowledgable about the brands I buy and support.

I thought I would be relegated to thrift shopping and splurging on a fair-trade item every once in a while. But, hopefully these links will help me sort out this whole sustainable and ethical fashion thing.

  • Ethisphere’s list of World’s Most Ethical Companies – a pretty extensive and complicated scoring system behind picking these companies…I’m surprised that Gap and H&M made it on the list!  I’ll still proceed cautiously if buying from them, but certain sections of these companies are safe for sustainably minded people (H&M’s conscious collection).  Plus, Gap (owner of Old Navy, Athleta, and Banana Republic) is on the Public Eye Awards‘ Worst Company list…so there’s some conflicting information going on here.  So unfortunate…can’t Gap just comply with the Fire and Building Safety agreements? Goddamn.
  • Eco Fashion World extensive list
  • Ethical Fashion Blog‘s list of 50 brands…includes some affordable ones too!  And I had no idea Oxfam International had an online store of cute goodies!
  • GoodGuide rates a bunch of products and brands and is pretty extensive
  • SUPER comprehensive blog about the Bangladesh factory collapse and companies to avoid/support.
  • Companies that signed the Bangladesh Accord on Fire and Building Safety
  • Domestic Sluttery‘s list of ethical fashion brands…
  • Humane Society‘s list
  • Green America’s Responsible Shopper
  • Vegan Peace‘s list
  • One Green Planet‘s list

I’ve noticed a lot of ethical fashion brand lists are UK-based…it makes me sad.

And ultimately, this little piece from Jezebel sums it up nicely.

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